Project 3: CS61CPU

Part A Deadline: Monday, October 25, 11:59:59 PM PT

Part B Deadline: Monday, November 8, 11:59:59 PM PT

In this project, you will be building a CPU that runs actual RISC-V instructions.

Setup: Git

  1. Visit Galloc. Log in and start the Project 3 assignment. This will create a GitHub repository for your work.

  2. Clone the repository on your workspace. We recommend using your local machine. Windows users should clone outside WSL (Git Bash is recommended).
    $ git clone proj3-cs61cpu (replace username with your GitHub username)

  3. Navigate to your repository:
    $ cd proj3-cs61cpu

  4. Add the starter repository as a remote:
    $ git remote add starter

Setup: Logisim

This project is done in Logisim. To get started, navigate to the proj3-cs61cpu directory and run java -jar tools/logisim-evolution.jar. This should open the Logisim graphical interface.