Below are some of resources that we have deemed rather helpful to deepening understanding of various topics in the class. If there exists a resource that you believe is very useful, but we have not yet included on this website yet, please send an email to cs61c(at) We’d love to include it below!

Reference Cards and Cheat Sheets

Past Exams

Before Fall 2017, CS 61C was taught using the MIPS ISA. When it comes to problems about assembly language and the datpath, these exams will be less useful. They are available on the HKN and TBP websites.

Past Exams By Year

Past Exams By Topic

Number Representation

C Programming

C Memory Model

Floating Point

RISC-V Programming

RISC-V Instruction Formats



Boolean Algebra


Single-Cycle Datapath & Control

Mock Exams

Study Guide

For the midterm, we put together a study guide with questions you should know the answer to for the exam.

Review Notes / Resources By Topic

Number Representation



SDS, Boolean Algebra, and FSMs

Single-Cycle Datapath and Control

TA Resources

  • Anusha: Discussion notes/slides
  • Averal: Discussion notes
  • David: Discussion slides
  • Greg: Discussion notes
  • Jenny: Discussion slides
  • Jie: Discussion slides
  • Sruthi: Discussion slides