Summer 2023 FAQs

Will lectures be recorded/on Zoom?

We do not plan on offering a Zoom option for attending lecture, though lectures will be recorded and posted on the course website.

Will there be remote support?

There will be extremely limited remote support this summer. We do not expect to have any remote labs or discussions, and there will be very few hours of remote OH each week. We strongly recommend against taking this course entirely remotely.

Is attendance taken?

Lecture attendance will not be taken, but we are planning on making discussion and/or lab attendance worth a small portion of your grade (less than 5%, more details as we get closer to the semester).

When are the exams?

The exams are tentatively scheduled for:

  • Midterm: Friday, July 14th, 5-7PM PT
  • Final: Thursday, August 10th, 3-6PM PT

These times may change as we get closer to the semester.

What if I can't make it to the midterm in person?

We will offer a clobber policy (details TBD), where you can replace your midterm score with your score on the final. The midterm will be in-person only.

What if I can't make it to the final in person?

We will offer a remote final for students who have extenuating circumstances and cannot make it to Berkeley.

Are there alternate exams?

We will offer one and only one alternate exam, immediately after the scheduled exam. The alternate exam will be in-person only.

Can I have a syllabus to send to my home university?

We don't have an official syllabus, but many students have had success submitting this PDF to their home universities, which is a printed version of Spring 2023's calendar. However, the exact content covered this summer may differ from the spring.