For logistics and administrative questions, please email cs61c(at) Append to all emails.


Prof. Nicholas Weaver

[email protected]

Office Hours: Monday 1-3p @ 625 Soda

Head TAs

Stephan Kaminsky

[email protected]

Office Hours: W 3-4pm Soda 283E&H

Hi! I’m a fourth year EECS Major and this is my fifth semester on staff for 61C. In my spare time, I like to ride motorcycles, go to movies with friends, eat avocado toast at acme bread company, and pet dogs and cats. Lets have fun this semester :)

Sayan Paul

[email protected]

Office Hours: W 1-3 Soda 283E&H

Hello! I’m a fourth year CS major from near Washington, DC. I spend my free time watching as much TV as possible, following the NBA (go Wizards!), and losing to my friends in Smash Ultimate. Looking forward to a great semester!


Albert Forte Magya

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 9-10, W 9-11, Th 11-12 Soda 283E&H

I’m a 6th-year PhD student in the ADEPT Lab, advised by Krste Asanovic and Jonathan Bachrach. His research interests include increasing productivity of digital hardware design and improving the usability of FPGA simulation.

Alice Lyu

[email protected]

Office Hours: M 11-1 Soda 283E&H

Hi there, I’m thrilled to TA 61c again this Spring. Really looking forward to working with you all and I hope you enjoy this class.

Allan Yu

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 11-1 Soda 283E&H

Hello! I am excited to teach 61c this semester :)

Avinash (Avi) Nandakumar

[email protected]

Office Hours: M 1-3 Soda 283E&H

Hello everyone, I’m a 3rd year EECS major from southern California near Santa Barbara! This is my third semester teaching 61c, and could not be more excited! I am super social, love to be outdoors, and a huge sports fan. Come to my section and talk to me about anything!!

Charles Hong

[email protected]

Office Hours: W 11-1 Soda 283E&H

Hi! I’m a third year EECS major who finds 61C super interesting - I hope you enjoy the class too!

Chenyu Shi

[email protected]

Office Hours: Th 9-11 Soda 283E&H

Hey everyone, I am a third year studying cs and philosophy. This is my third semester teaching 61c, and I am very excited to share this journey with y’all. A little bit about my teaching style, I like to focus on concepts. That doesn’t mean I repeat information from lecture and you can attend my discussion as substitute for lecture. That is not my goal. My aim is to get into why some design decisions are made certain ways, and please come to my section if that interests you. Outside school I spend a big chunk of my time exploring the outdoors.

Daniel Fan

[email protected]

Office Hours: Th 11-1 Soda 283E&H

I’m a big fan of sleeping, anime, and reading (sci-fi/fantasy). hmu w/any recommendations for the latter two and remember to try to get 7 hours of sleep every night :)

Daniel Li

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 11-1 Soda 283E&H

Go Lakers

Daniel Zhang

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 1-2, Th 9-11 Soda 283E&H

Hey everyone! I’m a 4h year CS major from Sunnyvale, CA. I’m a huge movie and Broadway nut, and I love taking photographs of things in my spare time. Here’s to a great semester together!

Eric Liang

[email protected]

Office Hours: M 12-3 Soda 283E&H

Hi, I’m a 3rd year PhD student in the RISELab, working on scalable RL applications and systems. Before grad school, I spent several years in industry at Google and Databricks.

Gregory Jerian

[email protected]

Office Hours: Th 3-5 Soda 283E&H

i wear the freshest clothes, eat at the chillest restaurants and hang out with the hottest dudes

Jenny Song

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 3-5 Soda 283E&H

Hello! Hope y’all enjoy 61C! : ))

Jerry Xu

[email protected]

Office Hours: M 3-5, W 3-5 Soda 283E&H

I’ve got 99 problems, but 80 are cached by k8s-web-4.

Jie Qiu

[email protected]

Office Hours: M 3-5, W 3-4 Soda 283E&H

Hi! I’m Jie, a second year CS major, and this is my second time teaching CS61C. Outside of 61C, I love sleeping, going to church, exploring new food places, playing the piano, and hiking up the big C to watch sunsets. CS61C is absolutely my favorite class that I have ever taken at Berkeley and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all!

Justin Yokota

[email protected]

Office Hours: F 12-1 Soda 283E&H

Hi, I’m Justin Yokota, a third-year Math/CS major.

Lu Yang

[email protected]

Office Hours: M 11-12, W 11-12 Soda 283E&H

Hi all! I’m Lu and I’m a senior studying CS and chemistry. I love to sing, cook, and I spend too much time on Instagram browsing cat pics for my own good. Looking forward to spending the semester with you!

Nikhil Pimpalkhare

[email protected]

Office Hours: F 2-4 Soda 283E&H

Hello! I’m a junior from Los Altos California, and I’m super excited for CS61C this semester. A bit about me: I code exclusively in binary. My first love was an XOR gate. I have 29 levels of caches on my computer. My main goal this semester is to blow up, then act like I don’t know nobody.

Ryan Searcy

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 1-3 Soda 283E&H

Hi, I’m a third-year EECS major and this is my 3rd time TAing for 61c. In my discussions, I like to start with a small mini-lecture to go over recent material, and then jumping in to the problems! Outside of classes I like to design and create things in the makerspace, dance (I’ve directed an AFX team), and explore restaurants around East Bay and SF

Ryan Thornton

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 2-3, Th 2-3 Soda 283E&H

Hi, I’m Ryan, a third year Computer Science major from St. Charles, IL. I enjoy music, creating and discovering new things, and I survive on coffee. I hope to have a wonderful semester with you all!

I value group work and collaboration in my discussions. I plan to conduct a brief review of foundational and current topics, then dive into working on the worksheet in groups and as a class. I don’t promise to get through the entire worksheet, but my goal is to make sure everyone gains a good conceptual basis for the material.

Victor Sun

[email protected]

Office Hours: M 10-11, W 12-1, W 2-3 Soda 283E&H

Hey all! I’m a 5th year MS EECS student originally from the South Bay. This will be my second time teaching 61C and I’m super excited to be teaching again! Outside of school, you can catch me learning magic tricks, playing poker, following the NBA, traveling, eating, and playing with my dog Coco :^) Looking forward to a fun semester together!

Yuxin Ji

[email protected]

Office Hours: Tu 9-10, W 9-10 Soda 283E&H

Hi! I’m Yuxin (pronounced Yoo-Sheen). I’m a 4th year CS and Linguistics major, and I enjoy singing, traveling, listening to podcasts, and watching samoyed videos on Youtube. I’m super excited to get to know all of you and am looking forward to a great semester! ;)

Zac Patel

[email protected]

Office Hours: F 10-12 Soda 283E&H

Hi! I’m a fourth year Computer Science and Data Science major, interesting in computer architecture and design. Outside of school I enjoy running, lounging, playing CSGO and collecting old video games.

I had a great time in 61C and hope to make this experience as enjoyable for everyone else as it was for me!



Aatif Jiwani

[email protected]

Heyo! I’m Aatif and I am a 3rd year EECS major originally from the 303! (For those who get the area code reference, hit me up!) 61C has by far been my favorite class at Cal, and thus this is my 3rd semester teaching/helping out with the course. Outside of the classroom, I really enjoy deep learning and I currently do research in Computer Vision at the National Lawrence Lab at Berkeley, and I am a research assistant at BAIR! Besides academics, I love to ski, chillax, and adventure around California, and honestly do things that spontaneously come to mind. If my academic pursuit or anything about me interests you, I’d love to chat!

Andrew Wan

[email protected]

Hi! I am a third year CS major from Alameda, two cities south of here. In my free time, I like playing video games, watching anime/manga, and checking out the latest K-pop news. Hope you have a great time with this class!

Eric Chiu

[email protected]

Hi! I’m a 3rd year CS major from Houston, Texas. I love playing soccer, traveling, watching endless YouTube videos, and seeing c h ö n k y cat pics.

Evan Sum

[email protected]

Hello! My name is Evan Sum and I’m a Junior studying Computer Science. I thought CS61C was extremely hard but I really look forward to helping you all as much as I can. I really like food and playing games.

Jonathan Shi

[email protected]

computers are cool, except when they aren’t

Sunay Poole

[email protected]

Hello! I’m a second year CS and Physics major from the Los Angeles area. I hope you guys love and appreciate 61C as much as I did!

Yannan Tuo

[email protected]

“when nothing goes right, go left” :^)

Academic Interns

Adriel Tan

[email protected]

I love sunsets, cameras, and friends. Preferably all at once.

Alan Zhang

[email protected]

Shiny Ferroseed

Alisha Laroia

[email protected]

Hi!! :) I’m a third year studying data science and computer science from Fremont, California. I like eating chocolate, playing tennis, and survive on coffee. 61C was one of my favorite classes and I’m looking forward to a great semester with you all!

Andrew Kou

[email protected]

come talk to me about music

Anton Tsypko

[email protected]

Hi, I am Anton, a third year EECS major.

Archita Bhattacharya

[email protected]

Hello! I’m looking forward to helping out this semester, I hope you enjoy the class! :)

Arjun Singh Dhamrait

[email protected]

Go Bears

Ayush Jain

[email protected]

Hello! I’m a second year EECS major from here in the Bay Area. I loved 61C, and can’t wait to be a part of the incredible staff that helped make the course so great when I took it. Looking forward to a fantastic semester!

Bijan Fard

[email protected]

I wonder if anyone will read this. If you do, let me know!

Bridget Nix

[email protected]

Hi! I’m a junior studying Data Science and CS. In my free time, I love to run and hike on nearby trails!

Bryce Wong

[email protected]

Hey there! I’m an overly-optimistic freshman intending to major in CS and economics. In my free time, I enjoy reading webcomics, playing rhythm games, and following sports. I enjoyed taking 61C and I hope you will too! c:

Cameron Cheung

[email protected]

I think 61C is pretty cool.

Cynthia Zhong

[email protected]

hello! i’m a second year majoring in linguistics and cs. in my free time, i like to do translations, walk around in the city, and play (a lot of video game music on) the piano. 61c is my favorite cs class so far, and i look forward to meeting y’all :D

Denny Dang

[email protected]

What’s up, I’m a second-year CS major from the San Gabriel Valley. During my free time, I enjoy playing counter strike, speedcubing, and going to the gym. Looking forward to being an AI for 61C this semester!

Dillon Eskandar

[email protected]

Hi! I am a third-year EECS major from Santa Clarita, CA. I love stand-up comedy, podcasts, hiking, football (especially the Baltimore Ravens), and finding new hip-hop/rap music to listen to. I look forward to working with y’all as an AI this semester!

Emily Wang

[email protected]


Emmad Usmani

[email protected]

I’m a sophomore CS major from Los Angeles (specifically the San Fernando Valley). In my free time I like to read, game, run, listen to music, and play basketball. Looking forward to helping you learn how computers work this semester!

Ethan Daniel

[email protected]

not a fan of yankees fans

Evelyn Shen

[email protected]

Hi! I’m a fourth year CS and Econ major from Shenzhen, China. I’m really into photography, lo-fi music, and post-rock. Looking forward to a great semester!

Hari Vallabhaneni

[email protected]

Go Bears!

James Jung

[email protected]

Hello! I’m a second year studying CS but interested in economics and biology as well. Hope you all enjoy 61C as much as I did because it was one of the most interesting/eye-opening classes for me!

Jasper Chen

[email protected]

Hey guys! I’m Jasper and this is my first time AIing for 61C. Looking forward to a good semester with yall.

Jessica Yu

[email protected]

Hi all! I’m a second year intended CS major (just have 61b left!) from Fremont, CA. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I like boba with lychee jelly instead of boba, working out in the morning (to burn off the boba), and wandering in the Berkeley hills. Despite spending around 150 hours in Soda last semester because of it, 61C is my favorite class so far at Cal, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Jie Luo

[email protected]

do your best

Kevin Chang

[email protected]

I’m only AIing so that if someone makes a mistake during the cache portion of the class I can say “that wasn’t very cache money of you.”

Kevin Tezel

[email protected]

Hi everyone! I’m a third year studying Applied Math and CS, and I’m from the great state of Florida. I spend a lot of time hiking, binge-watching and listening to music, but I’m always looking for new stuff to do too. I’m really excited to help people learn 61C this semester; it’s a hard class but it really pays off!

Kevin Zhu

[email protected]

Kevin enjoys music, bouldering, and RISC-V.

Komal Yadav

[email protected]

Hello! I’m a third-year CS major born and raised in Seattle, WA. I love hiking, biking, and running in the beautiful woods of the Pacific Northwest! I’m excited to get to know you all this semester!

Kyle Wallace

[email protected]

Thanks for scrolling down this far :)

Linyue Song

[email protected]


Marcus Plutowski

[email protected]

Hello! I’m a Junior in Computer Science; in my free time, I like to play Dota, fiddle with embedded systems, manage a small nonprofit, and meme about Haskell. A monad is just a monoid in the category of endofunctors, what’s the problem?

Matthew Tran

[email protected]

Hi! I’m a second year EECS major. This was one of my favorite classes here at Berkeley so I’m really excited to be helping out. In my free time, I enjoy building lightsabers, playing Minecraft, and singing Tong Hua.

Max Litster

[email protected]

my instagram is @fetty_wap_rocks

Naveen Gopalan

[email protected]

Sacramento is the best city on the West Coast.

Nima Rezaeian

[email protected]

Hi! I’m a second year EECS major from Irvine, CA. Hope you enjoy this course!

Priscilla Chang

[email protected]

Hi! I’m a second year EECS student and I think 61c is pretty great.

Ryan Li

[email protected]

what’s up, i study cs and econ

Sabrina Zhao

[email protected]

Start projects early and yOu wIlL bE fInE:D!

Shomil Jain

[email protected]

Hello! I’m a second year EECS major from Los Gatos, CA. Super excited to AI for 61C this semester!

Susan Lin

[email protected]

Hello! I’m Susan Lin, a sophomore studying EECS, who also enjoys visual arts and design!

Tom Xie

[email protected]

I’m a 2nd year EECS major who enjoyed taking CS61C with Garcia last year and wants to help make CS61C a good learning experience. Hobbies include smash (Bowser main), watching anime (pls give recs), and playing alto sax and piano. I hope everyone does well this semester!

Tomas Santos

[email protected]

I’m a junior in EECS interested in robotics. I try to meditate sometimes, but usually I spend my time reading or exercising when I’m not working on homework.

Troy Sheldon

[email protected]

I’m a 2nd year EECS major from the Tahoe area. I love to snowboard, mountain bike, water ski, and generally get outside. Academically I’m interested in computer architecture (duh) and security.

Wenjing Ma

[email protected]

Hi! I’m a junior CHM ENG Major and CS Minor. Looking forward to this semester :)

Yoav Shmariahu

[email protected]

Hi I’m a 4th year eecs major excited to be tutoring 61C this semester!

Yue Huang

[email protected]

Hi! I’m Yue, a fourth year EECS major. Hope you enjoy CS61C!