For logistics and administrative questions, please email cs61c(at) Append to all emails.


Branden Ghena

[email protected]

Office Hours: Friday, 2-4PM in 329 Soda

I’m a 6th-year PhD student working on embedded systems. My focus lately has been in low-power networking (Bluetooth Low-Energy and LoRaWAN), but I’ve also got experience in embedded operating systems and hardware design. My spare time involves a lot of fantasy/sci-fi novels and watching Twitch streamers. I’ve been working on low-level hardware and software for a while now and I’m excited to share why it’s so cool with everyone in the course.

Morgan Rae Reschenberg

[email protected]

Office Hours: Friday, 2-4PM in 329 Soda

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan and I’m a recently-graduated Computer Science major and STEM Education minor from Atwater, CA. I love to teach, code, eat grapefruits, and pet cats. Please recommend me podcasts, books, and TV shows. I can’t get enough of ‘em. Excited to get to know all of you this semester :)

Nick Riasanovsky

[email protected]

Office Hours: Friday, 2-4PM in 329 Soda

Hello everyone. I’m Nick and I’m one of your instructors. This is my 7th and final semester on 61C course staff and my second time as an instructor. I’m really excited to lecture again and hope to build off my experiences from last time. I mostly like to eat good food, joke around a lot, and I’m hyper-competitive at sports, video games, whatever. I look forward to getting a chance to meet all of you, either in lecture or at my office hours. I hope we can have a great summer together!


Ayush Maganahalli

[email protected]

What’s up everyone, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Ayush and I’m a third year EECS major. I come from San Ramon, California and I’ll generally be spending this summer playing badminton, relaxing on the glade, or playing video games whenever I’ve got the time. Feel free to talk to me about anything, 61C related or not!

In labs, discussions, and OHs, I’ll tend to try to stick to the material at hand but ensure that there is understanding of how the problem works rather than the actual solution. I will most likely try to stick to a certain schedule or amount of time per problem in order to get through the worksheets or given problem but would be happy to stick around after discussion if you feel like you need help or the time in the discussion wasn’t sufficient. You can also feel free to post on Piazza or even shoot me an email if you feel like you need some extra help!

Chenyu Shi

[email protected]

Hi! My name is Chenyu and I am a rising junior studying computer science and philosophy originally from Ningbo, China. I enjoy teaching and spending time outside in all kinds of ways. Can’t wait to meet you all this summer and I hope you have a great time in this class.

61C teaches a lot of information, and I like to focus on the big picture. That means I usually start my sections by addressing conceptual questions. I will also try to include mini lectures on things I think are important before diving into the worksheet. This might be a good section for you if you are confused about concepts or feel like you want to know more about why some design decisions are made certain ways.

Gregory Jerian

[email protected]

My name is Gregory and I’m a third year CS major from Palo Alto, CA. Outside of 61C, I play a lot of CS:GO, but am still in silver, and I’ve tried everything on the Taco Bell menu, and most of it tastes the same. I’m excited to be a part of course staff this summer and am particularly excited to be working alongside my good friend and neighbor Ryan Searcy.

My goal for my discussion sections is to review and reinforce material learned in lecture. To accomplish this, I’ll present slides and go over the problems I believe are most relevant on the discussion sheet. If you ever want to chat about anything, feel free to send me an email anytime.

Jenny Song

[email protected]

Hello everyone! I am Jenny and I am a rising junior majoring in Computer Science. I spend most of my spare time taking naps, but I do like baking, photography, and watching scary movies. I love 61C and I am super excited to teach it this summer! I hope you all enjoy it! (ง°ل͜°)ง

In my discussions, I will spend good amount of time going over important and difficult concepts, and I will spend more time working on selected problems that can help you enhance your knowledge and succeed in the exam. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

John Yang

[email protected]

Nice to meet you virtually! I’m an incoming fourth year EECS major from the Bay Area. Outside of school, you’ll find me on the basketball court, overcooking a variety of foods, or hanging out with a very cute cat. CS 61C was the most fulfilling class that I’ve taken, and I hope to help you feel the same, too! Excited to meet you all this summer!

My discussions tend to start off with a 20-30 minute mini-lecture aimed at bringing people up to speed and reinforcing core concepts. For the latter half, I tend to value a thorough understanding of the worksheet over completion, so I’ll go on the slower side. Time permitting, at the end, I’ll go over 1-2 exam questions relevant to the week’s topic. My slides will be publicly available on my website, and I’ll be supplementing them with links to other useful slides / worksheets / problems / etc.

Lu Yang

[email protected]

Hi y’all! My name is Lu and I’m a rising senior majoring in Computer Science and Chemistry. I love to sing, cook, and learn to do random things in my free time. I’m also into musicals, strategy games, cats and pretty much anything fluffy. I’m really excited to teach 61C this summer and can’t wait getting to know you!

In my discussions I will start with a recap of the latest lectures before going over questions that I find important and/or challenging on the worksheet. I would expect my students to have gone to the lectures or had basic ideas of what the lectures were about before coming to the sections, though it is completely okay to show up confused. I will encourage you to work in groups as I believe enunciating the thought process when approaching an unseen problem is extremely helpful, but if you prefer working by yourself I will not try to assign groups to you. I will not aim for finishing the entire worksheet, though I will prepare summaries that include walkthroughs of the questions that I chose to skip and confusions that arose during the sections at the end of the week.

Ryan Searcy

[email protected]

Hi! My name is Ryan and I am a third year EECS major. I love to dance, cook, and explore around the Bay!

In discussions I tend to go for a mini-lecture style, which goes over a few example problems before helping students go through one on their own. I like to have a quick list with terms and definitions of what I think are the most important material as well, to go over before looking at problems.

Ryan Thornton

[email protected]

Hi, I’m Ryan, a third year Computer Science and Physics major from St. Charles, IL. I enjoy music, creating and discovering new things, and I survive on coffee. I hope to have a wonderful semester with you all!

I value group work and collaboration in my discussions. I plan to conduct a brief review of foundational and current topics, then dive into working on the worksheet in groups and as a class. I don’t promise to get through the entire worksheet, but my goal is to make sure everyone gains a good conceptual basis for the material.


Alice Lyu

[email protected]

Hi everyone, I transferred from the South Bay Area to Cal last year and really enjoyed everything here especially the amazing people. I like hiking and swimming, and I waste a lot of time on appreciating the beauty of human intelligence. I’m also a fan of stupid memes. Really excited to start tutoring 61c and to make friends(share memes lol) with all of you!

I will briefly go over lectures and focus on walking you through sample problems and help you understand the concepts. Besides helping you get comfortable solving exam level problems, I will also try my best to reserve a bit of time to show you how what we’ve learned in class are applied in industry. Looking forward to sharing some good time together!

Brent Zhao

[email protected]

Hi, my name is Brent, and I’m a second year Computer Science major from China. I like code, algorithm, physics, milk tea and Star War. I’m looking forward to help you with this amazing course this summer.

In my tutoring section, I’ll offer mini-lectures or use relevant problem from the worksheet to help students understand the topics that I found important. I’ll prioritise on student having a good conceptual understanding of the material. Rather than necessarily going through the entire worksheet, I’ll focus on the problems that students found most confusing.

Daniel Fan

[email protected]

Hi! My name is Daniel and I’m a second year EECS major from Washington, home of overpriced coffee and tech monopolies. I’ll be running and swimming in my free time, so feel free to say hi if you see me around. Looking forward to a fun semester!

I’ll start off my sections with a comprehensive recap of the material we covered in lecture before tackling the worksheet. I really like engaging students one on one and answering questions so I’ll tend towards that near the end of the discussion. I will also prioritize incorporating student feedback into my discussions and creating additional resources (slides, code demos, illustrations, videos, etc.) based on demand. If you have any questions/requests at all, please feel free to ask during discussion or through email/piazza!

Justin Cheng

[email protected]

I’m a third year Computer Science major. I’m from Edison, New Jersey. I play violin and video games.

I usually focus on doing problems on the worksheet, picking problems to go over based on a pre-section survey I send out to my students. I will generally assume that students have a general idea of what’s going on from lecture, but if there are any points of confusion I will do my best to explain them to support an understanding of what’s going on in the problems and how to approach them.

Justin Yokota

[email protected]

Hi! I’m Justin Yokota, a third-year Math/Computer Science major from SoCal. My interests include teaching, programming, game theory and design, and puzzles (both writing and solving). I hope to get to know you this semester!

My teaching style tends to focus on background, by explaining the reasons that certain structural decisions were made and connecting the material with previous background. I also tend to make my own parallel problems and material when possible, so as to best adapt the lesson to the student.

Matthew Harrigan

[email protected]

Hello! My name is Matthew and I am a third year EECS major. I am from Temecula California, and I enjoy hiking, skiing, dogs, and of course coding. I am looking forward to a great semester!

I will be giving a mini lecture accompanied with some example/high level problems to make sure that the material is fresh in everyone’s minds, and I will field questions while everyone works on the worksheet. Then we will go over the questions on the worksheet in order of most requested. I like teaching with slides that have really just the main points on them, and I’ll be verbally providing depth. I will distribute my slides so that you will have my examples as well as an outline to use while studying.

Max Lin

[email protected]

Hey hey! My name is Max and I’m a rising Junior studying CS from right here in the Bay Area. I play badminton and love to play games, in particular rhythm games (and FPS as a close second). I also like challenging people I meet to whistle with their hands, so come say hi, and try hand whistling!

Usually, I start off with mini-lectures or conceptual reviews so that everyone is on the same page. I try to make efficient use of the whiteboard since I believe the best way to learn CS is visualizations and examples. Then I would go over problems that I think are interesting and worth our time, but I’m open to requests for other problems!

Peyrin Kao

[email protected]

Hi, I’m Peyrin. You’re probably here because you need to check how my name is spelled (p-e-y-r-i-n) or pronounced (pay-rin). No worries if you don’t get it right away, though.

Past students say I’m good at preparing students for exams. 61C in particular is a course with lots of both conceptual and practical topics, so I hope to be able to show you some of the techniques I’ve picked up on how to apply those topics to do well on exams!

Academic Interns

Evan Sum

[email protected]

Hi! My name is Evan and I’m a third year Computer Science major from San Jose, CA. I love playing tennis, coding, and eating lots of food. I hope that I can help you with your labs and supply some knowledge that I wish I had from CS61C.

I will be attending labs and I hope to help people understand the material full instead of just trying to finish the labs. At the same time, I know that labs take a while to check off and I hope to do them in a timely manner.

Nicolas Chan

[email protected]

Wow! I’m Nicolas and I’m a third year Computer Science and Mathematics double major from Mountain View, CA. In my free time, I enjoy playing clarinet, piano, and Minecraft. I love talking about computers, and hope to not only help you to learn, but also to learn something from you.

I’m always happy to answer questions, and enjoy working with students to help them slowly work through problems to gain a deeper/clearer understanding of the material. I also have work experience in high performance/large scale computing, so I’m happy to talk with you in-depth about that part of the course if you’re interested in the topic.

Tal Shachaf

[email protected]

Hello. I’m Tal, a senior majoring in computer science and mathematics. I enjoy gaming, thinking and cooking. I hope you enjoy your time in cs61c.

I prioritize helping people understand the logic behind their tasks. I take my time in the hope it better resolves confusion.