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Andrew Liu

they/them DSP Data


Hi y'all! I'm a senior from the tiny state of WV, and I'm excited to teach 61C this semester! Besides the letter C, I like coffee, climbing, cooking, and cats!

Eddy Byun

he/him DSP Data


Heyo! I'm Eddy and I'm so excited to be instructing 61C this summer! I really look forward to a hazard-free semester with heaps of fun! If you have a Great Idea for any 61C related puns, feel free to send them my way! Thanks for visiting the staff page - it really is the critical section of the website! :D

Jedi Tsang

he/him DSP Data


Heyo! I'm super excited to join CS61C staff for one last summer! I've been teaching for 10 semesters now, but have recently ventured into Computing Education Research (CER). My research focuses on leveraging research as a way to rigorously iterate on various initiatives (ranging from extension policies, to discussion sections, to the way we teaching computing ethics) within the classroom. Outside of CS Ed, ask me about volleyball, TFT, or public policy!

Nikhil Kandkur

he/him DSP Data


Hey everybody! My name's Nikhil and I just graduated with a degree in CS and minor in CalTeach. I have been involved in 61C for 6 semesters now, and I am super excited to be involved as an instructor this semester! Extra stuff I like to do include listening to new kinds of music, binging TV (any Veep fans here), and following track & field. Super excited to meet you all!

Head TAs

Anto Kam

he/him DSP Data


i like cats and cubes

Jero Wang

he/him DSP Data



Alex DeRouen



hi! i'm alex, a rising junior from the bay area studying eecs. my interests include music, robotics, anime, transit, education, and stuffed animals. really looking forward to this summer; feel free to reach out about pretty much anything!

Andrea Lou



Hi! I'm an incoming junior EECS major from LA. I like playing badminton, Stardew Valley, and shiny rocks. Looking forward to a great semester in 61c!

Andy Chen



Hi! I'm Andy, a CS + Linguistics major from Austin, Texas going into my 9th semester this fall. I like video games, playing instruments, and reading One Piece (it's so good rn 🔥). Looking forward to (61) seeing y'all in class!

Candice Yang



Hi! I’m Candice Yang from Shanghai. I am a CS major rising senior with a French minor. I like computer security, clean code, and writing large projects. In my free time, I enjoy gaming, writing Chinese calligraphy, dancing, reading books, and playing with my cuuute cat.

Chloe Wong



hello! i'm chloe, a rising junior from malaysia studying cs + ds. I love matcha, psychological horror manga, thrifting with friends, digital art, pilates, and cafe-hopping. super excited for this semester, feel free to reach out and chat about anything! let's have some fun :)

Chris Waligorski



i'm a third year eecs major from LA and I like running, tennis, movies, and art books

Erik Yang

he/him DSP Data


hi! I'm Erik, a 4th year from Sacramento studying CS. I'm excited to meet you all this summer :)

Julia Tomaszewska



Hello! I'm Julia, a rising junior studying EECS. 61C has been one of my favorite classes at Berkeley, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone this summer!

Myrah Shah

she/her DSP Data


hello! I'm Myrah, a rising senior studying Computer Science and Linguistics. I love baking/cooking, traveling, and trying new restaurants. I'm super excited to be part of 61C, feel free to reach out (and give me restaurant recs)!

Noah Sedlik



Hi everyone! I’m Noah (he/him) and I’m a rising senior studying EECS and I’m super excited to meet all of you! In my free time, I love playing tennis, cooking and baking, and have been playing Breath of the Wild on my Switch. I also play the saxophone in Cal Band so come say hi if you see me performing! Looking forward to a fun summer!

Noemi Chulo



Hi! I'm Noemi (any pronouns) and I'm one of the TAs this summer :). I'm a rising senior in CS. I like art, videogames, cooking, languages, and a bunch of other stuff. Recently I've been super into Baldur's Gate 3, but I'd also be over the moon if you started talking to me about pokemon. Back when I taught 61b I showed my students a demo of quicksort by doing a personal ranking of Gen VI pokemon before Berkeleytime.

I know a lot of random information about tons of miscellaneous topics (freshwater shrimp keeping anyone?) so if you want to talk about something kind of nerdy, chances are I either know something about the topic or am really interested to hear you talk about it :). Feel free to reach out if you want to chat!

Sasha Singh



hello im sasha! im a sophomore from delhi studying cs! i enjoy running (and signing up for races i cannot finish :D), eating green grapes, and listening to britney spears (super duper underground artist, not sure if you've heard of her)

Sophie Xie



i <3 seventeen


Abtin Khashayar



Hello! I'm Abtin, a rising Junior majoring in CS & DS from the Bay. CS 61C has been one of my favorite courses and I am excited to be a first-time tutor! In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, watching movies, and playing/watching soccer. Can't wait to support you on your journey through 61C!

Charlie Si



Hi, I'm a rising junior studying CS! I enjoy calisthenics, playing video games, running, and watching football(go lions!). Looking forward to this summer semester!

Elden Yap



Hey yall! I'm Elden, a third-year CS, Econ major from Singapore. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, binging dramas, watching movies and ranting to just anybody around me. I will be a tutor at office hours this semester, super excited to see yall there!

Gisella Chan



Hello! I'm a rising junior studying CS + DS, and I enjoy watching good sunsets and good baseball. Very excited to spend a great summer with y'all :-)

Nakul Srikanth



Just got my Bachelor's and will be returning for the 5th Year Master's degree. In the summer time I like to play Badminton and do some robotics! I'm also a part of GamesCrafters with Prof. Dan Garcia. Loved 61c when I took it my first semester at Berkeley as a Transfer Student. I took it with Dan and Lisa (amazing combo!) and it was my best educational experience! I'm motivated to bring the same energy and inclusivity to this course over the summer! CS 61c whooo!!!

Richard Yu



Hey everyone! I'm Richard, a rising third-year from Oakland studying Computer Science and Data Science. Super excited to meet you all, feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat (:

Suvan Ravi



Hello! I'm Suvan, a rising junior studying EECS from Orange County. Last semester I was an AI and now I'm excited to be a tutor! I like the outdoors, but I spend too much time watching One Piece (maybe I parallelize them). I'm thrilled to meet everyone and have bits of fun!